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Our Catering​​​ Services

Catering away from your kitchen is the most challenging and rewarding. We bring catering to the customer's location of choice. It might be an office, museum, boat, warehouse, parking lot or an open field. We embrace the challenge of bringing superb food experiences to locations that may not have adequate shelter, electrical power or perhaps water. We  are always the “away” team; we never play at home.

Here are some examples of our "away games."

Corporate Centennial Celebration

Sometimes you have an opportunity to do "once in a lifetime" or in this case "once in 100 years." We were honored to be the select caterer for an Indiana legendary corporation on Monument Circle.


Wedding at Groom's Family Farm

​On July 6th the temperature at serve time was a mere 102 degrees.  The farm was located 90 minutes from our kitchen so every effort was made to select a menu that could best serve the 350 guests both safely & comfortably.

Gourmet Dinner Parties

Final touches were made by Chef Alan in an ad hoc workspace in the hallway outside the dressing rooms. A series of 5-6 course dinners have been served in the observation booth of the Indiana Repertory Theatre while the guests observed dress rehearsals.

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