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Our Green Practices

Moving our kitchen away from an urban setting has allowed us to implement even more green practices into our workplace. Below are the steps that Alan's Catered Events has taken on at Stone Soup Farm to reduce our footprint on this precious earth:​



  •  We are reducing waste by preserving/canning each season's fruits & vegetables from our garden and those available from local growers.​

  • We compost and mulch to keep veggie scraps & flowers out of the trash. It also keeps our garden healthy.​

  •  We recycle nearly all paper, foil & plastic! We have reduced our weekly trash pickup to 1 household size container for our business & our household.​


  •  We offer a rebate to customers who save & return our canning jars to us.

  • ​We have eliminated the use of paper for marketing purposes by communicating with our customers through web-based sites and online services.

  • We use china, silverware & linens for 90% of our full-service catering. For events under 250 guests, we provide our own white china plates, stainless silverware & white linen napkins.

  • Our basic disposable plates & utensils used in drop-off catering are made of recyclable materials.  We offer an upgrade to disposables made from sustainable resources.

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