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Our Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake

 Since 1995, we have served over 20,000 pieces of Chef Alan's most highly acclaimed dessert -- THE Carrot Cake -- at Zoobilation.  It has become legendary at this event after having been selected by a panel of judges to receive the "Best of the Best" award

--11  times. 

The Zoo selects a different theme yearly to feature a particular group of animals. Our booth decor is designed and setup by our long-time catering pal, Stephen Jeffries - owner of  The Acorn Tree in Greenfield.  Stephen won "Best Decor" in 2011! 

Each year we recruit 'booth volunteers' to dish up our carrot cake with a smile! 

Learn more information about Zoobilation on the Zoo's website.

Tickets go on sale in February for next summer's event!!

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